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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Faqs page is specifically designed for those who hardly have time to call to have their questions answered but many questions hold them back and stop from ordering products online. People have doubts it is generally everybody’s perception and really we should have that while making purchases online. Due to the pandemic era which all of us have faced it is recommended to move out when it’s really urgent to go out which is only when the things can’t be made available online while sitting safe at home. That’s the thing we’re really concerned about, tried our best to cover all the necessary and frequently arisen questions while making purchases online. Please go thru all of them below and still have questions either call us or write to us we will be happy to answer all you queries and put in that question in our Faqs list so that nobody else has to call and write for same query.

I am sceptical about placing the order online ?

We appreciate your concern about being sceptical and it holds true since there’re lot of companies working online and assure that they will deliver the product but they don’t. We’re working here for decades so you don’t need to be worried about that every single thing will be shared with you accordingly.

Putting up the information online doesn’t sound good?

You’re absolutely right because it’s our right to reserve the personal information but here whenever you put in your information the same is encrypted and only the authorized person have the rights to access that.

What if I don’t get the product delivered within the given time?

See it’s impossible to break our record of delivering the products in time. As we believe in keeping words at any cost.

How to place the order on your website?

As you come to our webpage you’ll get to see the homepage wherein almost all the products are available, check and click the desired product which will carry you to its order page select the quantity and it will show you the price select any of that. Then put in your address and shipping address (the product to be delivered at), select the mode of payment, once submitted you will get a confirmation email.

What mode you have to deliver the product?

We deliver the product thru UPS and FedEx the most famous and asked for to deliver the product.

Do you have the option to ship the product without prescription too?

Yes, we also solicit the request without prescription too, in case you don’t have any prescription we’ve doctors panel too to support you as you need it.

What are the working hours so that we can communicate with you?

We’re working all days but yes on Sunday you may face little problem while connecting since the high delivery volume on that day.

How does your delivery process work?

Once the order is received it gets moved to the warehouse wherein the availability is checked once we’ve the product in stock It is instantly packed safely to deliver and you’re provided with the tracking number.

What payment mode do you accept?

We accept all major payment modes like Debit Card, Credit Card, PayPal, Cash on Delivery in some cases, bitcoins, bank transfer etc.